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The Gympie South State School began in 1910 after a meeting of residents decided to have a school established in the community. The original school building was built on land donated by Mrs George Argo. This building was 24 feet by 16 feet (8 metres by 5 metres) with a front and back veranda. It was painted in dark brown timber with white trims.

The first pupil, Mr Ernest Smith, was enrolled on 4th July, 1910. The first head teacher (principal) was Mr Donald Price who remained in charge at the school for 32 years.

In the 1960's and 1970's several small schools in outlying areas were closed with children travelling by bus to Gympie South. This meant a significant increase in enrolment for the school and several new buildings being erected. The original one-room school building is still in use today as the music room.

Over the years facility developments have seen the construction of additional classrooms for our junior school, and senior school amenities block, construction of the senior courtyard, multipurpose hall, in 2006 a new administration building. In 2011 our new library learning centre and extension to the hall were opened. A new building for the Special Education Program was built in 2012 and in 2013 the addition of the new prep building added to our capacity as a growing school in this area.

Our swimming pool was opened on 7th November 1981, and is used for learn to swim classes by Gympie South students and other local schools. It is also heavily used by the public through use by the Gympie South Swimming Club, and private hiring's.

We have approximately five hundred students attending across twenty four classrooms including our 'Special Needs' program. Our school staff range from very experienced senior teachers and teacher aides through to graduates and others relatively new to the profession. Our professional staff include a support teacher for literacy and numeracy, specialist teachers in physical education, classroom music, instrumental music, and languages-other-than-English. The school also has a teacher-librarian. A head of special education manages our Special Education Program. Our administration area is made up of experienced administration staff critical to the running of our school. We have a number of cleaners and a schools officer or janitor/groundsman. The school has a full time deputy and a principal. A welcome addition to our school setting over recent years has been that of a chaplain who works here three days per week supporting students and families in need.

At our school we endeavour to provide a pleasant, encouraging and positive learning environment which will assist in the development to the fullest of the capabilities of each individual child, whilst also developing in each a recognition of the needs and rights of others, and the need for self-discipline. Our adoption of the ‘You Can Do It’ program with a focus on the ‘Keys for Success’ has been critical in empowering our students to be responsible for their learning and self-management. We promote the value that we are a team that is working with the family to support each and every child’s success.

The school motto ‘Together we make the difference’ encapsulates the ethos of the school.

We support students to explore a range of experiences and provide a number of opportunities at the school for them to develop a wide range of skills. While our focus is on academic development we are also recognized for strong physical education, music, student support, chess and leadership programs among others.

We urge parents to visit the school frequently and to become involved where possible in the school's programs and activities. We welcome parents as educational partners and trust that children find their time at Gympie South rewarding and enjoyable.

Gympie South celebrated its centenary in 2010, we stand proudly, acknowledging the 100 years of quality education that has made Gympie South State School distinctive.

Last reviewed 02 March 2020
Last updated 02 March 2020