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Gympie South caters to the children who enjoy sports. There are three components to the Sport & Phys. Ed. Program at Gympie South SS. (1) Phys. Ed. Lessons; (2) Friday Sport Program; (3) Talent ID Program. Throughout the year, all students also have involvement in Swimming, Athletics and Biathlon/Triathlon Carnivals. Representative opportunities through Gympie Zone School Sport and also coaching during lunch breaks and out of School time.

Phys. Ed. Lessons

All classes receive a 40 minute Phys. Ed. Lesson each week. During Terms 1 & 4 classes participate in Swimming Lessons at the School's own pool. During Term 2, each class have lessons to learn Athletics skills ready for "Athletics Week" at the end of Term. In Term 3, students cover a variety of Ball skills and Game skills.

Sport Program

The Sport Program, for Years 5 - 6, comprises of two facets. The Friday Sport Program allows students to participate in either Inter School Sport in a variety of Sports or Sport activities at School. Each Term, a Lunchtime Sport Program is also held, with Teams playing a Round Robin competition in a different sport each Term during lunch breaks. The winning team of each Term's competition also challenges a Staff team at the end of each Term.

Talent ID Program

This is a Sport Extension Program for students in Years 5 - 6. Students with a high skill level, positive attitude, good work ethic in class and during Phys. Ed. lessons, and a high behaviour standard can be offered a position in the Program. Each week, Talent ID students receive extra Theory & Practical Sessions (during School time) to further develop their knowledge and skills in this area. Many extra-curricular activities are also organised for these students.

Sports Carnivals

During Term 1, a Year 4 - 6 Swimming Carnival is held. At the end of Term 2, an "Athletics Week" is conducted with students having the opportunity to participate in all Primary School Athletics Events over the whole week. During Term 4, the Prep - Year 3 students have their Swimming Carnival and all students (P - 6) are involved in a Biathlon / Triathlon Carnival at the end of the year.