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Rules and policies

Strategies to encourage positive behaviour

  • Whole School Behaviour Support  - "You Can Do It!"
  • Reinforcing Expected School Behaviour

At Gympie South State School, communication that is consistent and behaviour specific, is the most effective tool that provides feedback to students to engage appropriately within the school environment. This communication is vital to promote positive and supportive interactions between students and staff. All staff at Gympie South State School have been trained to give consistent, behaviour specific feedback in student-friendly language to acknowledge our targeted behaviours.

Gympie South’s “Gotchas”

Staff members hand out “Gotchas” each day to students who demonstrate positive behaviours, inside and outside the classroom. This positive reinforcement occurs daily when they identify a student following the rules and demonstrating our “keys” to success. “Gotchas” are collected in each classroom.

Each week, the Prep-Year 3 Classroom “Gotchas” and, Year 4-6 Classroom “Gotchas” are collected and a lucky winners from each group are drawn and their appropriate behaviour identified and recognised by the school community on Assembly. Each winner receives a $2 voucher that can be redeemed at the tuckshop. These students and their behaviours are publicly acknowledged each week in our newsletter, enabling our whole school community to share in the celebration.

“Unlocking the Door to Success” Awards

Classroom teachers acknowledge each week students who display appropriate behaviours relating to our “5 Keys to Success at South” – Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience. The award identifies the “key” as well as a behaviour specific description of what the student was doing. These awards are distributed and officially acknowledged at our School Assembly each week, as well as our school newsletter. This positive data is also recorded on One School.

Positive Postcards

Classroom teachers and Administration each week/fortnight acknowledge students who have contributed positively to the school and its climate. The postcard allows the student or their family to receive positive affirmations via post that relates to either our Key to Success, Kindness climate, academic achievement etc. this positive communication is recorded on One School.

Administration Recognition

Each week on assembly the Principal and Deputy Principal acknowledges a student/class who from the previous week displayed a noteworthy behaviour requiring significant recognition. These students are recognised as role models in their class and school.

This recognition is recorded on One School and via the school newsletter. ​